Build Your MVP with Scrum Methodology

Agile— A Cyclical Process

Software development used to be done in an waterfall method, which is a method that delivers the overall features in the end of the project cycle. Contrary to that, Agile method is a method that utilize a cyclical process to incrementally release features to user.

Agile and Scrum

Agile and scrum has been a buzzword recently in the tech industry. But these terms usually being misunderstood or being considered as a same term by people, including myself. After observing some literature, I prefer to identify Agile and Scrum like a programming language. Consider Python as a language and Django as its framework. The same thing applies to Agile and Scrum. Agile is the method and Scrum is one the framework used to apply Agile Method.

Scrum Lifecycle in Sikepa Project

Scrum “Ritual”

All groups in PPL project were assigned into 4 sprints, 4 weeks for every sprints. As usual, every sprint were started with a sprint planning, standup meeting in a certain period (2 days a week in our case), user testing and sprint review and sprint retrospective in the end of sprint. Task backlog were splitted into small subtasks and were assigned in every sprint planning. We also sometimes used poker planning in term of assigning tasks in sprint planning.

Pair Programming

One of the activity that is encourage to be done in scrum is the usage of pair programming. Considering the difference of technical skillset that every team member have, pair programming promote mutual learning process that ensure team member to learn more technical skills while delivering products

Sikepa Pair Programming in Discord

Adaptation to Changes

One of the mandatory things to have in Scrum software development process is the readiness to adapt to changes. This is important to accommodate user’s usability. Since the very beginning, we always encourage the usage of commonly used programming best practices, including domain-driven design to ensure that application code and sprint team were separated by its domain. While code was loosely-coupled and well-written with right design patterns and OO principles, introducing changes to code will not be hard for team.


The usage of Scrum helps team to easily deliver MVP with incremental process. It also helps user to receive benefits from the system even from the first sprint and not wait for months and months until the system has been fully developed.



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